Use cases

How BrightLock can help utility and construction companies secure vital activity by limiting who has access

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No-WiFi mode

Whether BrightLock is on a solar farm or substations, users can receive access to their smartphone and enter in.

No cabling, no drilling

Install in 5 min, insert batteries and then forget for up to 3 years. No gateways, no Sim-cards, nothing but BrightLock.

Ultimate real-time traceability

Access logs show who has used lock and when giving you a full audit trail.

Communicate instructions

Share one-time-only access with a contractor and include a message - give directions or job details.

Where Brightlock is useful for large corporations
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Construction sites

Hundreds of people from dozens of different companies operate daily on most construction sites. Standard wired access control systems can't be set up on a temporary site whilst lost keys cause real logistical problems.

BrightLock can be installed on temporary site offices in less than 5 min securing assets and ensuring full traceability of entries and exits. Site finished? you can easily remove and re-use it afterwards.

Remote and dispersed plants

Power, waste disposal, clean water. Essential aspects of modern life that are maintained thanks to hard-working operators across the country.

BrightLock through its ability to be installed and to work in remote locations ensures that these operators always have the right access on their phone to undertake their mission-critical work. No more heading back to the operational base to pick up keys.

Operational bases

On Enedis' operational bases, Gaetan was struggling with equipment disappearing from his internal storage rooms. So he locked his storage rooms and kept the keys to himself. Unfortunately, this meant that every time a tree fell on an electricity line at night, he had to wake up, drive an hour to the base, unlock the door and let his operator take the chainsaw or other needed equipment. This cost the company 300 euros each time.

Now, his operators simply call him when there is an emergency. Gaetan immediately sends them a time-limited credential. Before going back to sleep he then checks on his app that they locked the door behind them.

Ensuring France's lights stay on

It all started, would you believe it, in a "hot air balloon" pitching contest several years ago. BrightLock was presented, and Enedis straight away saw how BrightLock could help them facilitate the management of France's electricity network. That employees and service providers can receive access to any infrastructure straight to their smartphone and on the go, saves them precious time and ensures that France's power is always up and running.

BrightLock was first used in their warehouses offering critical access logs ensuring that critical gear didn't go missing. Installed with resounding success, Enedis sought to roll BrightLock out to their sites dispersed across the countryside which required offline capabilities. HAVR went one step further, offering not just offline capabilities but the ability for BrightLock to connect to the Sigfox network and update Enedis in real-time of events on their bases and substations. Enedis is now deploying BrightLock across France.